How Old Is Coraline In The Movie?

Coraline is an 11-year-old girl who, at the start of the film, relocated to a new town in Oregon with her parents. She dislikes her new home at first, but after her time in the Other World dimension, she grows to like it.

Similarly, How old is Coraline supposed to be in the movie?

Introduction. Coraline Jones is an adventurous, bright 11-year-old girl who appears in both the film and the book. She is also the primary protagonist of the novel, Coraline, which is named after her in both the book and the film. Dakota Fanning plays her in the film, and she is the daughter of Charlie and Mel Jones.

Also, it is asked, How old is Coraline now 2021?

Today is Coraline’s 19th birthday.

Secondly, Will there be Coraline 2?

Coraline’s huge success at both the Academy and the theater led to the reasonable assumption that a sequel would be developed at some time. Unfortunately, it seems that Gaiman has put an end to the possibility of a sequel ever being made.

Also, Is Coraline a real name?

Coraline is mostly a female American name that meaning “heart” or “maiden.” Caroline is a diminutive version of Cora or a mix of Cora and Caroline.

People also ask, Does wybie have scoliosis?

She’s hungry, and as a result, she’s becoming more anxious to persuade Coraline to remain. Have you ever noticed how Wybie is never able to stand up straight? He suffers from scoliosis. The spine’s curvature.

Related Questions and Answers

What does Coraline’s dad call her?

Coraline, ironically, objects when her actual father refers to her as a “dizzy dreamer” and playsfully touches her nose, exclaiming, “Dad, I’m not five anymore!” The Other Father often refers to her as “kiddo,” which she misunderstands as a derogatory term.

Why does Coraline wear a hat?

Coraline and her mother, Mel, have a talk in their kitchen when the Jones family first moves in. Mel is revising pages for Charlie, Coraline’s father. Mel recounts a vehicle accident, which explains why she is wearing a neck brace.

What race is Coraline Jones?

An Asian-American guy (Francis Jue) and a mixed-race lady portray Coraline’s parents (January LaVoy). Her Other Mother is a guy in drag in the horrific other universe she encounters (Greenspan). Age, gender, and ethnicity are insignificant to an imaginative little girl, much like the bricked-up door of Coraline’s apartment.

Why is Mr bobinsky blue?

Bobinsky is a blue-skinned, exceptionally tall Russian guy; his blue skin is owing to his frequent time outdoors in the wet and cold weather, which is not addressed in the film.

Why did wybie Grandma let Coraline move in?

The grandma was also made aware of the doll’s role in spying on the Other Mother’s newest victim. As a result, she let Coraline and her family move in while the doll remained secure in the trunk at home, preventing the Other Mother from spying on Coraline and creating a world around her.

Are Coraline’s parents abusive?

For example, it’s evident that her parents are negligent of her; her mother, Mel (Teri Hatcher), in particular, doesn’t appear to like her daughter and makes no attempt to hide it.

Is Coraline for 5 year olds?

It is suitable for children aged 10 and above. There are some terrifying imagery in there, as well as some exposing apparel. It was also a nightmare for my 4-year-old sister.

Is Coraline a feminist?

Coraline may be sassy on film, and her quest may be entertaining to watch, but her tale is not about courage, skill, or the formation of her own personality. The film substitutes the feminist concept of autonomous, capable women enjoying their own adventures with the same old Hollywood routine.

Does wybie exist in the book?

6 Better: The Book Doesn’t Have Any Wybie The inclusion of Wybie, a character who does not appear in the novel, was one of the most vexing aspects for many readers.

Is Coraline not Caroline?

“Says Coraline,” she says.

What did the other mother want from Coraline?

The other mother wants Coraline to stay in her world forever, so she tempts her with delectable food, amazing toys, and the promise that Coraline would be allowed to live by her own rules.

Why does the beldam tap her eye?

When Coraline begs for a hint for her parents, though, the other mother just touches her button eye in an odd way. I believe the Beldam is attempting to inform Coraline that she is Coraline’s mother, as well as the mother of all the other children.

What does wybie’s name mean?

According to a proposal from Canada, Wybie is derived from the name Wyborn, which means “war bear.” According to a user from Illinois, the name Wybie means “Why born.” “The name means inquisitive and rebellious typically given to infant males but may also be a female name,” according to a submission from the United Kingdom.

Why did wybie’s grandma have the doll?

Mrs. Lovat kept the doll that used to belong to her twin sister in a trunk even after she went missing, maybe for emotional reasons. The Beldam changed the doll’s appearance from that of her sister to that of Coraline, as shown at the opening of the film.

Why did the other dad help Coraline?

My assumption is that the Beldam spent a lot of soul sand to create the other Wybie and the other Dad, implying that they sympathized with Coraline and wished to assist her in escaping.


Coraline is a young girl who finds herself in a parallel universe where her parents are alive, but she’s still an only child. The movie was released in 2009 and Coraline is 3 years old.

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Coraline is a young girl who lives in an alternate universe. She discovers that her parents are ghosts and that she has a “coraline birthday” on the other side of the door.

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