How Many Jay And Silent Bob Movies Are There?

Similarly, In what order should I watch the Clerks movies?

Chronological Order of Clerks Comedy | R | 92 minutes | Clerks (1994). Mallrats (1995) R | 94 minutes | Comedy, Romance Chasing Amy (1997) R | 113 min | Romance, Comedy, Drama 7.2. Dogma (1999) R | 130 minutes | Drama, Comedy, and Adventure 7.3. The Return of Jay and Silent Bob (2001) Comedy | R | 104 minutes. 2.Clerks in 6.8 (2006)

Also, it is asked, How many clerk movies are there?

eight films

Secondly, Is Jay and Silent Bob on Netflix?

Visit Netflix to see Jay and Silent Bob Reboot.

Also, What was the last Jay and Silent Bob movie?

Silent and Jay The fifth movie in Kevin Smith’s View Askewniverse, an expanding cast of characters and locations that sprang out of his cult hit Clerks, is the American satirical stoner buddy comedy Bob Strike Back from 2001.

People also ask, What does View Askew mean?

Away from the mark: at an angle The image was crooked.

Related Questions and Answers

Is Jersey Girl Part of the View Askewniverse?

With its PG-13 classification and lack of a setting in the View Askewniverse, Kevin Smith’s film Jersey Girl was a movie of firsts.

What movie comes after Mallrats?

The sequel to the movie, Twilight of the Mallrats, which will focus on Jason Lee’s superhero comics-obsessed Brodie, was hinted by Smith towards the conclusion of our trip down memory lane. It seems that we will reach it in 2021, which is quite exciting for us, according to Smith.

Is Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back a sequel?

Reboot of Jay and Silent Bob Sequel to Jay and Silent Bob: Strike Back

Is Clerks 3 coming out?

Contrary to earlier rumors from early July, director Kevin Smith says that Clerks III has been finished and will probably be published in the fall of 2022. The third installment of the Clerks trilogy is complete, according to director Kevin Smith, who also provided a tentative release date.

What clerk means?

a person engaged, as in an office, to maintain records, file paperwork, type, or carry out other standard office duties. a salesperson. A law clerk is a person who manages the day-to-day operations of a court, legislature, board, etc.

Is Jay and Silent Bob on Amazon Prime?

Visit Prime Video to see Jay and Silent Bob Reboot.

Why is Jay and Silent Bob in Degrassi?

Smith and series producer Linda Schuyler came up with the idea to merge their two worlds after naming a “Clerks” character after a “Degrassi” personality and making references to the program throughout his films (Jason Lee’s character in “Chasing Amy” thought the ideal evening should include pizza and the teenage soap opera).

What’s Steve O net worth?

The wealth of Steve-O Assets: $4 Million Year of Birth: (48 years old) Gender:Male 5 feet 9 inches tall (1.77 m) Actor, rapper, screenwriter, film producer, presenter, comedian, TV personality, and radio personality are some of the professions that I practice. another row

Who played the Scooby Doo characters in Jay and Silent Bob?

In Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back, Scooby-Doo is voiced by Mark Hamill.

How do you spell ascue?

crooked; out of alignment; to one side; Awry: to hang a painting askewly; to wear one’s cap askewly.

How do you spell Eskew?

Eschew is to consciously and intentionally refrain from doing something, particularly when you feel that it is the right thing to do. Avoid is a transitive verb, meaning it has an object. The nouns eschewal and eschewance are also related terms, as are the verbs eschew and eschews.

Is Dogma canon in Jay and Silent Bob?

Concern three. This issue should be regarded as apocryphal since a significantly modified rendition of it appeared in the film Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. Despite Issue 3, Chasing Dogma is still considered canon.

Who plays Daphne in Jay and Silent Bob?

Adams Joey Lauren Actress and director; born January 1 in North Little Rock, Arkansas, United States active 1977 to the present Spouse(s) Mr. Brian Vilim ( m. 2014) A further row

Is Mallrats 2 coming out?

Kevin Smith is eager to begin work on Mallrats 2, which will begin production in 2021.

How many Mallrats movies are there?

Three versions of Mallrats have been released, including the regular version, an extended version, and a theatrical version. There are a total of 100 variations between the extended and original versions in the theatrical edition.

Is Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back a sequel to Chasing Amy?

It’s not only a continuation of “Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back” in “Jay and Silent Bob Reboot.” Another one of Kevin Smith’s masterpieces has a poignant new ending in his most recent film, which is likewise heavily replete with references and callbacks and satirizes Hollywood and his whole filmography: “Chasing Amy,” from 1997.

Is Netflix making a Chasing Amy Series?

In addition to receiving a Golden Globe nomination for Joey Lauren Adams’ performance, Chasing Amy took home two Independent Spirit Awards for Best Screenplay and Best Supporting Actor. You can start pursuing Amy on January 1st, and it’s one of the finest ’90s throwbacks coming to Netflix this month.

Why is Randall not in Jay and Silent Bob reboot?

When Dante (Brian O’Halloran) tells the police that he can give them Randall’s whereabouts, implying that Randall has gone into hiding for something unlawful, his absence is explained at the opening of the film. Just before the release of Jay and Silent Bob Reboot, Anderson and Smith reconciled.

Is Kevin Smith making any new movies?

Kevin Smith announces on social media that Clerks 3 will be released in 2022, more than 27 years after the first movie did. The official release of Kevin Smith’s planned Clerks 3 is scheduled for 2022.

What is Jeff Anderson’s net worth?

Chris Anderson Gross Value Assets: $2 million Year of Birth: (52 years old) Gender:Male 5 feet 11 inches tall (1.82 m) professions: screenwriter, director, and actor another row


Jay and Silent Bob are two characters from the film series “Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back”. There have been three films in the series. All of the films were released between 2001 and 2003. The first film was released on September 11, 2001.

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