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Get to know the cast of the upcoming movie Haven. See who will be playing key roles in the film and get a sneak peak at the movie trailer.

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If you’re a fan of the Netflix show “Haven” then you’ll want to check out this guide to the cast.

Haven is set in the fictional town of Haven, Maine, where Troubled people with supernatural abilities live. The cast features Emily Rose as Audrey Parker, Lucas Bryant as Nathan Wuornos and Eric Balfour as Duke Crocker.

The show also features a large supporting cast, including Derek Webster as Dwight Hendrickson, Adam Copeland as Chris Robert Oliver, Kate Kelton as Jennifer Mason and Paul Greene as William Price.

There are also several recurring characters, such as Elisha Cuthbert as Lexie DeWitt, Stephen McHattie as Price’s father and Gina Holden as Sarah Vernon.

The Cast

The Cast:
-Haven is a gripping tale of loss, love and retribution.
-The movie centers on the lives of two estranged sisters who are brought back together by a tragedy.
– They must work together to find out what happened to their missing brother.
-The cast includes:
– Katie Holmes as Claire Conner
– Hayden Panettiere as Annabelle Conner
– Nancy Travis as Carol Anne Conner
– Lucas Black as Tyler Conner

The Characters

Haven is a 2010 American romantic drama film directed by Terrence Malick, starring Colin Farrell and Rachel McAdams. The film is an adaptation of the novel of the same name by Ron Rash.

The story follows two young lovers, Brad (Colin Farrell) and Abbey (Rachel McAdams), who meet in North Carolina and begin a summer romance. However, their idyllic time together is cut short when Abbey is diagnosed with cancer. The film chronicles their journey as they grapple with Abbey’s illness and their own relationship.

The film also features an ensemble cast, including Jessica Brown Findlay, William Hurt, Bruce Greenwood, Amanda Peet, and Ben Affleck.

The Plot

TV star Nikki Freeman (played by Emily Rose) and her publicist, Craig (played by Lucas Bryant), take a much needed vacation to an isolated island off the coast of Maine. They are joined by Nikki’s brother Luke (played by Jesse Moss), his girlfriend Beth (played by Erica Cerra), and Craig’s girlfriend Samantha (played by Kate Kelton). The group is looking forward to a relaxing weekend, but their plans change when they find themselves stranded on the island with no way to contact the outside world.

While they are trying to figure out what to do, they discover that they are not alone on the island. They are being watched by a mysterious stranger who seems to know more about them than they do themselves. The stranger, who calls himself John (played by Christopher Heyerdahl), tells them that they are in danger and need to leave the island immediately.

John is mysterious and secretive, and the group does not know if they can trust him. However, they soon realize that he may be the only person who can help them get off the island alive.

The Music

The music in the film is a mix of popular songs and original compositions. The popular songs are used to dies o establish time and place, as well as to provide some comic relief. The original compositions were written specifically for the film and are meant to add to the overall atmosphere.

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The Music
The Cast
The Crew
Filming Locations

The Locations

Haven, Maine is a quiet town with a centuries-old history and a dark, hidden secret. The town is located on an island off the coast of Maine, and is accessible by ferry or by a small private plane. The town is home to a few hundred people, and has a small airport, a grocery store, a school, and a church.

Despite its small size, Haven is known for its beautiful scenery, its friendly people, and its eerie haunted happenings. The town has been the site of many supernatural events, and is also home to a number of monsters and ghosts.

The Costumes

The film is set in the 1950s, and the costumes worn by the Haven cast help to create a convincing period setting. Many of the costumes were custom made for the film, while others were sourced from vintage stores and private collections.

The costume designer for Haven was Rachel Dods, who has worked on several other period films such as The Imitation Game and My Week with Marilyn. Dods said that her goal with the Haven costumes was to make them look “like they could have come from any small town in America in the 1950s.”

To that end, she dressed the cast in a mix of high-end and everyday clothing. The characters who are more affluent, such as Grace (played by Kate Winslet), wear designer dresses and tailored suits. Other characters, like Frances (played by Juliette Lewis), wear more modest clothing that would have been more typical of the time period.

The Production

In 2008, “Haven” was released in the U.S. The movie was directed by D.J. Caruso and starred Hayden Christensen, Jessica Alba, and Taryn Manning. “Haven” was produced by Richard Wright, Brian J. Gilbert, and Scottgoldberg. The movie’s executive producer was Dwayne Johnson.

The Reception

The movie Haven has been getting amazing reviews and the cast is being praised for their outstanding performances. Let’s get to know the cast a little better.

Haven is a romantic drama film directed by Agnieszka Holland and starring Josh Lucas, Bill Paxton, and Brittany Daniel. The film was released on September 24, 2010, by Lionsgate.

Lucas plays Duke Crocker, a cocky gambler who becomes involved with an escaped convict and his girlfriend (Daniel). Paxton plays Crockett Longfellow, a lawman who is tracking the fugitive couple.

The cast also includes Mía Maestro, Oscar Nuñez, James Remar, and Julie Benz.

The Legacy

The original Haven starred Emily Rose as Audrey Parker, a Baltimore FBI agent who is sent to the small town of Haven, Maine to solve a crime. There she meets the town’s residents, who all have special abilities.

The cast also includes Lucas Bryant as Nathan Wuornos, a local police officer who helps Audrey with her investigation; Eric Balfour as Duke Crocker, a smuggler with a heart of gold; and Adam Copeland as Dwight Hendrickson, a man with a dark past.

The show was created by Sam Ernst and Jim Dunn, and is produced by Entertainment One and Big Light Productions.

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