Did Heathers The Musical Come Before The Movie?

Did you know that Heathers The Musical came before the movie? That’s right – the movie was actually based on the Off-Broadway musical!

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In 1989, the movie Heathers hit theaters and became an immediate cult classic. The black comedy, which starred Winona Ryder and Christian Slater, follows a group of popular girls at an Ohio high school who are nicknamed the Heathers. The film is dark, edgy, and often shocking, with a great deal of humor that comes from the characters’ biting wit.

In 2014, Heathers the Musical had its Off-Broadway debut, and soon after moved to Broadway. The musical is based on the movie, with some changes to the story and characters. The music is also different, with a mix of genres that includes pop, rock, and even country.

So which came first? The movie or the musical? Heathers the Musical actually premiered first, in 2014. However, the movie was released in 1989, so it is fair to say that the movie was “first” in terms of its release date.

The Movie

Heathers the Musical is a stage adaptation of the 1988 black comedy film Heathers. In the movie, a teenage girl named Veronica Sawyer (Winona Ryder) tries to fit in with a clique of popular girls at her high school, who are all named Heather. When Veronica starts dating Jason Dean (Christian Slater), a new student who is also a rebel, the two of them plot to kill the Heathers and make it look like suicide.

The musical was first staged in 2010, and there have been several productions since then. The most recent production opened on Broadway in 2018.

So, which came first – the movie or the musical? The answer is the movie!

The Musical

The answer is a resounding no – the movie Heathers came out in 1988, while the musical didn’t premiere until 2014. However, despite theClear thirty year gap, there are some definite similarities between the two. Both portray a group of mean girls who terrorize their high school, with the main difference being that in the musical, the girls are all named Heather. Additionally, both the movie and musical end with a mass shooting (spoiler alert!), though in the musical it’s portrayed as a ridiculous fantasy while in the movie it’s deadly serious.

The Characters

The musical is actually based on the movie, which came first. The characters in the musical are very similar to the ones in the movie, with a few key differences. In the movie, Veronica Sawyer is the one who is trying to fit in and be popular, while in the musical she is already popular and is tired of it. J.D. is also more villainous in the musical, while in the movie he is just a rebellious teenager.

The Plot

Heathers the Musical is a stage adaptation of the 1988 black comedy film Heathers. The musical tells the story of Veronica Sawyer, a high school senior who falls in love with the new boy J.D., who is revealed to be a psychopath who plans to kill everyone at their school. When Veronica tries to stop him, she becomes his next target.

The Songs

Heathers the Musical came before the movie, the songs were actually created first. The music for Heathers was written by Laurence O’Keefe and Kevin Murphy, with lyrics by Murphy. The pair had previously worked together on the musical Bat Boy: The Musical. Heathers: The Musical made its debut in 2010, at the New York International Fringe Festival.

The Differences

While both the movie and the musical focus on the relationships between three popular girls at a high school, there are some key differences between the two.

For one, the movie is set in the 1980s, while the musical is set in the present day. This means that the characters in the musical are dealing with social media and other modern technology that their counterparts in the movie didn’t have to deal with.

Another difference is that in the movie, Heather Chandler is killed by eating poisoned candy, while in the musical she is killed by a bomb. This change allows for a more active role for Veronica Sawyer, who plants the bomb in the musical.

The characters of JD and Marcy are also different between the two versions. In the movie, JD is a loner who doesn’t really fit in with any group, while Marcy is a popular girl who is friends with Heather Chandler. In the musical, JD is more of an outcast who is friends with Veronica Sawyer, while Marcy is still a popular girl but she isn’t friends with any of the Heathers.

Finally, one of the biggest changes between the movie and musical is that in the ending of the movie, Veronica Sawyer gets away with everything and goes off to live her life, while in the musical JD and Veronica get caught and are sent to prison.

The Similarities

Many people assume that because the musical came out after the movie, that the musical was based off of the movie. This is not entirely accurate. While it is true that the musical did come out after the movie, there are many similarities between the two that suggest that they were both influenced by the same factors.

For example, both the movie and the musical feature a protagonist named Veronica Sawyer who is dealing with social pressures in her high school. In both versions, Veronica is friends with a girl named Heather Chandler, who is considered to be the most popular girl in school. When Veronica starts to question her friendship with Heather, she meets a boy named J.D., who encourages her to stand up for herself.

There are also several key scenes in both the movie and the musical that are very similar. For instance, in both versions, Veronica gets invited to a party at Heather’s house, where she ends up getting drunk and making out with J.D. In addition, both the movie and the musical feature a scene where Veronica stands up to Heather in front of the whole school.

So while it is true that Heathers The Musical came after the release of the movie, it is clear that they were both influenced by many of the same factors.

The Conclusion

It is still disputed by some whether or not Heathers The Musical came before the movie, but the general consensus is that it did. Heathers The Musical was first released in 2010, with the movie coming out in 1988. This is likely because the musical is based on the original screenplay for the movie, which was written by Daniel Waters.

Further Reading

In case you were wondering, the answer is no – Heathers the Musical came after the movie. The musical was first staged in 2010, while the movie was released in 1988.

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