Hello, fellow film fans, and thank you for stopping by Passport Cinema. This site is where Chris Luedtke and I will be posting our reviews of strictly foreign films. Why, you might ask? The answer is simple: being a hardcore cinema nerd, there was no major site I could think of that provided just foreign film reviews, so I invited three of my friends and fellow writers to give doing one ourselves a shot. With that, enjoy the world cinema bounty that Passport Cinema has to offer, and we hope you’ll come back for many more visits in the future. Take care!

-A.J. Hakari, film critic and creator of Passport Cinema


A.J. Hakari

A.J. has been writing film reviews online since 1998. He is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-River Falls and a recent inductee into the Online Film Critics Society. He also writes for such online venues as ReelTalk Movie Reviews, Classic Movie Guide, and Terror Tube.

E-MAIL ADDRESS: ajhakari@hotmail.com

Chris Luedtke

Chris originally began reviewing films for the University of Wisconsin-Manitowoc school newspaper. Formerly a Film Studies minor at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls, Chris has developed a style of critiquing that’s teeming with quirkiness, sarcasm, and brutal honesty. Chris now lends his talents to Passport Cinema.

E-MAIL ADDRESS: christopher.luedtke@uwrf.edu