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Greetings, Passport fans! Didn’t think we left you guys by the wayside, did you? Nah, a little thing called the holidays bit myself and Mr. Luedtke in the behind big time, and we’re just now getting back into the swing of things. We didn’t forget that two weeks ago saw our little site’s second anniversary. Neither of us were in the mood for another week-long review blow out like last year…but we have something even better planned.

For one, you may have noticed that reviews are now posted randomly throughout the week, rather than on assigned days. Both of us have been having difficulty having stuff ready for deadline, so we’re making the switch to posting our reviews — well — whenever! Check back throughout the week, and chances are you’ll see something new from either Chris, myself, or one of our illustrious guest critics. And if there’s nothing new…well, that’ll give you the chance to read some of the classic reviews in our archives. :-D

Secondly, as a late anniversary gift to you loyal Passport Cinema readers, I’ve decided to dedicate February to going through the alphabet of foreign movies. That’s right, every day of next month will feature a new review by yours truly, each from a different letter of the alphabet (starting with The 5 Deadly Venoms on the 1st to Zombie Self Defense Force on the 27th). What better way to commemorate your patronage than with more mindless geeking out?

And lastly, as we did last year, both Chris and I have compiled our top ten favorite films reviewed in 2009. Had I finished the reviews I started, both The Seventh Seal and The Wages of Fear would most certainly have made the list, but the final selections are a mighty fine bunch as is. Here are our lists, and don’t forget to click on the links to read our full rants and ravings.

Take care, Passport fans!

-A.J. Hakari
Creator and lead film critic, Passport Cinema

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