“Entrails of a Virgin” – Dustin Wilmes

Released in 1986, Entrails of a Virgin is like the Japanese equivalent to a bad Troma film. It’s the first in a trilogy of gory pink films (also including Entrails of a Beautiful Woman and Female Inquisitor) by director Kazuo Komizu. Although most people might consider this one to be tamer than the next two installments, it still has enough awkward moments to make you feel like you just sat front-row-center at a Rod Stewart concert.

Entrails of a Virgin uses the universal blueprint that all slasher films seem to follow. A group of young photographers need a place to blow off some steam and snap some photos of nude girls. Since the local bar-scene never seems to do the trick in these sorts of films, the whole gang piles into a van and heads for an old, deserted house in the middle of nowhere. On the way, they accidentally hit something with their van. Is it a pothole? Is it a plot hole? (They hit plenty of those later). No, it’s a homicidal monster that looks like a cross between Swamp Thing and Butterbean, if he fell in some mud. You can see where this is heading…

After arriving at the house, things get out of control when the under-sexed photographers get antsy and try to force themselves on the uninterested models. A whole lot of weirdness gets underway from here on out. In the throes of passion, the guys even decide to practice some nude wrestling holds on the ladies, including a painful looking Boston crab and a piledriver that would make Jerry “The King” Lawler proud.

Like most Japanese films of this genre, Entrails of a Virgin is chocked full of female degradation and uncomfortable rape scenes. However, what’s unique this time around is that in addition to slaughtering people, it’s the mud monster doing the majority of the perverse acts. That’s right. The monster is sexually-frustrated and endowed like, well, a monster. In fact, one of the more charming scenes involves an impaling with said monstrous member. You can’t go wrong there.

With all the strange scenes of gore that are sprinkled throughout the films erotic themes, it sort of resembles an episode of HBO’s “Real Sex,” if it were filmed on the set of Evil Dead. It has more drawn-out, softcore sex scenes than you can shake a stick at…or a severed arm with rigor mortis (which one of the models uses to pleasure herself after going mad — yeah, I don’t know either.) Overall, Entrails of a Virgin is a little bit confusing, a lot of bit silly, somewhat entertaining, and not nearly as shocking now as it probably was 20 years ago.

Rating: ★★½☆

-Dustin Wilmes

Dustin Wilmes is the founder and editor of Save the Crumbs magazine in Mankato, MN. He also likes candlelit dinners and long walks on the beach.

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