Dear readers, I must extend my sincerest apologies to you all. March hasn’t been the greatest month for Passport Cinema. After a year of almost nonstop updates, we’ve fallen behind with providing consistent reviews, which is pretty much all my fault. March has been particularly bad for me, what with numerous personal issues to deal with and a general sense of burnout towards my passion for film. I just haven’t been in the mood to write much lately, and the site has suffered because of it.

But starting April 1, I’ve decided that enough is enough. The time has come to pick myself up by my bootstraps and get back to providing you with as much coverage on all things foreign in the world of cinema as we’ve provided in the past. I may have slacked off on updates in the past weeks, but starting Wednesday, Passport will be back on track and better than ever. A boatload of updates awaits, and we will try our damnedest to keep it that way from now on.

Apologies for the wait, but thanks for sticking by through these rough times. Chris Luedtke and I both appreciate your readership, and you can look forward to a great future for the site.

-A.J. Hakari

Creator and lead film critic, Passport Cinema

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