“Come Drink with Me” – Connor Neste

Come Drink with Me is probably the greatest two films I have ever seen at the exact same time. Each movie has its own plot and primary hero/heroine, as well as primary villains, while at the same time weaving the two films together at varying points to make one awesome superfilm.

Film A focuses on the Golden Swallow, whose mission is to rescue her brother, who is currently being held captive by a group of bandits which I can only assume is the ancient Chinese equivalent of the Legion of Doom. Almost all the villains have special nicknames given to them which in some way refer to their appearance or the unthinkable crimes they’ve committed on the populace. Film B focuses on the happy-go-lucky Drunk cat (yes, that is what everyone calls him, and rightly so), who somehow always happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and is either really smart or extremely foolish.

Now, seeing as this is a film by the Shaw Brothers, you can assume that there’s a fair amount of martial arts, and you’d be right. There’s also a fair amount of drama, comedy, eardrum-bursting singing, and to top off this wonderful sundae of movie, a heaping helping of nice fluffy confusion. I have seen this film twice, and I still can’t say much about why anything that happens happened, or even why the director chose to all but abandon Film A midway through and turn it into Film B.

So far, these movies aren’t sounding too special or great, right? WRONG! While the film is highly inexplicable, it’s not because of its own failing, just the direction it was taken in. I would almost compare this movie to In Bruges, in the way that it jumps in and out of genres; however, Come Drink with Me is a much, much better film.

Come Drink with Me has its flaws, like the subtitles constant referring to how awesome a certain person’s kung-fu is, and it is in no way meant for children, as even the subtitles contain a fair amount of profanity. At the same time, though, both these points somehow only made the film more awesome, because the flaws found a way to make me better appreciate the film’s greater parts.

Rating: ★★★☆

-Connor Neste

Connor is a shiftless buffoon with no real aim in life, so it only seemed natural he be attracted to movies. His love of the cinematic bizarre introduced him to A.J., and he’s been begging to get on the site since.

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