“Possible Loves” – Chris Luedtke

I began writing this review at 2:23 A.M., and I have had a total of two-ish hours of sleep in the last 24 hours. Perhaps it is best, in my disjointed state, that I write the review for Possible Loves, a film that will make your head spin and your mouth yawn all at the same time. In fact, one could say that the entire film is like you shrugging at a plot twist but dislocating your shoulder in the process.

Possible Loves follows Carlos (Murilo Benício) through his life as a hopeless romantic, a married man, and a gay man. Fifteen years ago, Julia (Carolina Ferraz) was supposed to meet him at a movie theater but bailed on him. In the classical sense of the butterfly effect, this triggered Carlos’ life to change dramatically.

I don’t know if I can pick my favorite Carlos: the fifteen-year-old wannabe Don Juan, the cardboard husband, or the annoying gay man. They all end up meshing together, which is both good and bad. It’s nice that Carlos has consistency, but he’s such a bloody bitch about it. His unpleasantness becomes legendary throughout, and don’t think that many other characters can cast over his shadow of self-obsession. On the contrary, Julia falls victim to similar flaws, although most are drawn out by Carlos and his wretched indecisiveness. Pedro (Emílio de Melo) and Carlos’ mother (Irene Ravache) become the two main characters to watch for, although the mother’s relationship with Carlos is rather…different. You’ll see what I mean.

Possible Loves isn’t all bad, though. Had it been a straightforwardly cut movie, I would have quickly shot it down for its lack of originality and dull structure. But since the editors passed it through a jigsaw, Possible Loves became more interesting. To be honest, this is the film’s biggest saving grace. This alone will keep you watching, although there were a few times where I thought the film was going to end (one particular fade shot should have killed the film), but then it managed to continue on.

However, even though the structure is very unique, that doesn’t mean the film itself is. Possible Loves is rather dull when looking at it from the outside. Its redundancy becomes its fatal error. This doesn’t make it unbearable, but Possible Loves does become a little less exciting to watch once the pieces fall into place.

If you need a love story fix, then go rent A Very Long Engagement; it’s way better. If you’ve seen that already, then go ahead and try Possible Loves out. It isn’t a mind-blowing movie, nor does it define the genre, but it merely rises to meet the stereotypes and standards of this genre that have been so tirelessly repeated throughout the years.

Rating: ★★★☆

-Chris Luedtke

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