“Yes Nurse! No Nurse!” – Chris Luedtke

As far as musicals go, I didn’t have many expectations for Yes Nurse! No Nurse! since I haven’t seen many, much less many foreign ones. I admit I had a tendency to constantly compare and contrast it to the infamous Rocky Horror Picture Show, but that felt rather unfair throughout as there is very little to compare, unless one looks at the cheesiness and music. Yes Nurse! No Nurse! is by no means a boring experience as a film but it’s nothing that hasn’t been done a hundred times over without singing characters.

Director Pieter Kramer had a good sense of direction with the film, as the set design is very loyal to theatre. The streets themselves were gorgeously portrayed for one of the first songs. Dance numbers were done pretty well, but they weren’t anything that blew me out of this world, nor were they constant. One scene found Gerrit (Waldemar Torenstra) walking around on the roof in his underwear just singing away, without any real direction as to where he was going next. It’s as if he was just asked to sing and wander around the set.

Characters are ridiculously stereotyped. It’s as if writers Harry Bannink and Frank Houtapples picked up a “how to create ridiculously stereotyped characters” book and went with every suggestion. The film becomes more of a moral lesson the further it goes on. However, this doesn’t necessarily diminish from its enjoyability. But that’s not to say that it adds anything to it either.

Despite its overly obvious flaws, the film is still good. The only true originality I see in it is its over-the-top homoerotic tension between the evil neighbor Boordevol (Paul Kooij) and his old friend. Those two were just hilarious together, and I was just waiting for them to embrace and never let go. If you want a enjoyable film with some good music, pick up Yes Nurse! No Nurse, but never forget that there are better musicals out there.

Rating: ★★★☆

-Chris Luedtke

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