“Wicked City” – Chris Luedtke

Among the steaming heaps of crap that I’ve seen in my life, the anime Wicked City has always served as a title that stood out to me in terms of disappointment and banality. I still remember coming by it at the local Family Video and, starting at its glorious cover art, wondering what amazing tale was to be told once placed it into my VHS player. Well, allow me to guide you though my memory to a time of yonder days.

I was once an ignorant one when it came to cinema. I’d go by the front cover of animes, trying to decipher what could lie beyond the short plot description. Demon City Shinjuku was one of these that I bought mostly because I had seen Ninja Scroll, and the story behind Wicked City is similar. For a long while, I had my eye on that amazing front cover art and its claim to also being another piece of great original anime. Boy, was I wrong. Luckily, unlike Demon City Shinjuku, I dropped only a mere $5 on Wicked City, since the owner of a local geek shop couldn’t get rid of it on one of his major sale days. Seeing it, I jumped at the opportunity.

I’ll give the anime credit for looking good in 1987 and having some originality to the demons, but that’s where the line is drawn. Past that is a steaming pile of crap that needs to be avoided on all levels.

The obvious hentai influences within the series make it disturbing, but that’s only because the creators stoop to such a level. The amount of sex and sexual content becomes boring and feels more like it is there for shock value. While there is a minor point behind it all, the truth of the matter is that when then ending comes around, you won’t even care. You’ll just be glad they made an ending, but you’re still pissed at yourself for not pressing the stop button sooner.

The action is bland beyond words. The ending battle is just friggin’ stupid. The main character has a massive gun that he can barely wield, and while that is kinda cool at times, he never really uses it. The demon female has long nails; real original, I know.

The most annoying aspect of the whole series, besides the sex and rape though, is the dirty old man. That guy is so ridiculously annoying, you’ll want to shoot the TV screen whenever he makes an appearance. All he does is obsess over sex and make innuendos. If he’s supposed to be the comic relief, they failed on a massive level and in turn have also raised my blood pressure in reflection.

By now, if you haven’t figured it out, dear reader, don’t see this film. Even if you’re an anime fan, absolutely love Ninja Scroll, and somehow feel like forgiving Demon City Shinjuku, just avoid it. You’re money and time are better wasted trying to peel the paint off the walls with your

Rating: ½☆☆☆

-Chris Luedtke

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