“Regular Guys” – Chris Luedtke

In one day policeman Christoph Schwenk (Christoph M. Ohrt) manages to lose just about everything from his fiancée to his car, clothes, apartment and even his sexual identity. After being dumped and thrown into the street, Christoph does what every other person in his situation would do – he goes out and he drinks until he blacks out. The next day he wakes up naked in a strange bed with a strange man named Edgar (Tim Bergmann). Immediately upon Christoph’s awakening he begins to wonder if he had sex with another man, also leading him to question his own sexuality.


Rolf Silber’s Regular Guys may sound simple and predictable but there is far more to this than meets the synopsis. The decent into sexual identity in here becomes entwined with Christoph’s job and haunts his whole life even though much more goes on than just sexual identity. Silber manages to pull of a very difficult to predict story as he threw me for a loop over and over; just when I thought I had it figured out, I figured wrong.


The sweetness of Regular Guys is also very noteworthy throughout. The movie has its bitter moments as well but its heart is built strong and becomes unbreakable throughout. As usual, intolerance and misunderstanding issues with homosexual lifestyles are addressed with stereotypes. Thoughts are developed on these issues as Christoph grows throughout. The relationships developed between all characters here are really what help drive the story, especially between Christoph, Edgar and Helen (Carin C. Tietze), which becomes a very bizarre love triangle.


I can’t say that the camera work is really anything noteworthy. Silber always manages to pull together the big picture and has a large concentration on facial expressions with his characters. The transfer onto DVD doesn’t look cleaned up but I think that helps keep the movie in a healthy 90s setting. There isn’t any overly blurriness or shaky movements that managed to ruin scenes but it is a grainy picture throughout.


If you’re looking for a new twist on your romantic comedy fix then definitely shoot for Regular Guys. It may be macho and burly in the beginning but the fixation on that is quickly shifted into a lovable, confusing spiral that ended up throwing me around with a smile on my face. I couldn’t get past Regular Guys and its original take on the sexual confusion issue with razor sharp wit and humor. For a good time, Regular Guys may be just what you’re looking for.


Rating: ★★★½


-Chris Luedtke

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