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“Visitor Q” – A.J. Hakari

Oh, reality TV. Sweet, intelligence-sapping, airwave-clogging reality TV. Centuries from now, historians will discover amidst gordita wrappers and discarded Team Edward shirts evidence of people who shouldn’t have been famous trying to prove why they should be. The concept was fairly green in 2001, but Takashi Miike anticipated the desperation that would soon follow in [...]

“Princess” – A.J. Hakari

Movies don’t quite know what to make of pornography. Comedies mine it for material all the time, and dramatic works tend to be revenge sagas that fall just short of sermonizing. So the animated Danish film Princess has a tricky job to fulfill, though it succeeds mostly because it never condescends. It doesn’t pretend that [...]

“I’m Not Scared” – Chris Luedtke

Perhaps the most frightening films aren’t those that hunt us but those that haunt us. They make us question how we’d handle a certain situation, if we’d go with the flow or crack under pressure. While these ideas will be addressed countless times to come, few can get you scratching your head like Gabriele Salvatores’ [...]

Miss Us?

Greetings, Passport fans! Didn’t think we left you guys by the wayside, did you? Nah, a little thing called the holidays bit myself and Mr. Luedtke in the behind big time, and we’re just now getting back into the swing of things. We didn’t forget that two weeks ago saw our little site’s second anniversary. [...]