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“P” – A.J. Hakari

P takes a stab at one of my favorite directorial challenges: working out of one’s element. This Thai horror picture is reportedly the first made by a Westerner, in this case British filmmaker Paul Spurrier. I can’t tell you whether his exploration of native mysticism is a load of baloney or not, but I’m always [...]

“Solaris” (1972) – Chris Luedtke

I see Solaris and think about the endless possibilities that exist beyond our planet. The potential for other inhabited worlds, the contents of dark matter, how a black hole works. Solaris plays off of humanity’s ignorance of outer space, which is what will initially pull most viewers in. However, its caverns prove to be endless, [...]

“Sex & Fury” – A.J. Hakari

It seems that the most interesting exploitation flicks are made far from American shores. We’re much more crass when it comes to this style of cinema, hurling all manner of lurid content at the screen with nary an artistic flourish. Sure, Quentin Tarantino changed the game, but where do you think he got his best [...]

“Port of Shadows” – Chris Luedtke

Port of Shadows is a film that slices through the crusty fog of ironic melancholy. Marcel Carné vividly brings to life a very dreary story in which not a soul is to be trusted, as the darkness that overruns it shifts constantly and remains uncompromising to the end. This is not your run-of-the-mill moral fable; [...]

“Last Year at Marienbad” – Chris Luedtke

I feel like cinematic oddities are a forte of mine. Perhaps it’s a personal thing, a desire to see things that I would never dream or think of, much less comprehend. A film that ponders these ideas, clutching them close like a blanket on a cold night, is something I’d gauge as a unique experience. [...]