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“Bio-Zombie” – Chris Luedtke

For anyone who’s ever wished that Mallrats and Dawn of the Dead would partake in an unholy union, then your prayers have been answered. I present to you, Bio-Zombie. Call it Hong Kong’s answer to George Romero’s ‘70s masterpiece, or call it a mockery; the tides can turn both ways. But if you are a [...]

“Night of the Living Dorks” – A.J. Hakari

The vampire has been romanticized for so long, it’s about time another movie monster got its turn. The zombie may not be a likely candidate (what with eating brains and the whole rigor mortis thing), but being undead has its perks. You never need to sleep, you can take a lot of punishment, and you [...]

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“SARS Wars: Bangkok Zombie Crisis” – Chris Luedtke

The stats quo of zombie films has since been established. From vampires to werewolves, any sort of supernatural mutation has experienced its prophets and will always have those peers that can’t compare. But what about those other films that take the idea and build off of the norm? SARS Wars: Bangkok Zombie Crisis is the [...]

“Dead Snow” – A.J. Hakari

Dead Snow was made by people who grew up watching scary movies. There’s no doubt it was inspired by various video store jaunts, perusing the horror section for titles with huge clamshell boxes that promised thrills mainstream films dare not depict. But although their peculiar premise is best fit for the tribute treatment, the makers [...]