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“Vampyr” – A.J. Hakari

Let me tell you a story, kids. Once upon a time, vampires used to be scary. They didn’t sparkle in the sun, they weren’t romantic, and they didn’t look like they were engaged in 24-hour pout-a-thons. It used to be that these creatures of the night sought your immortal soul more so than a date [...]

“Tokyo Olympiad” – A.J. Hakari

No genre has been as disputed or as controversial as the documentary. Fiction has it easy; just tell a story and get out of there. But with documentaries, where the truth ends and a subjective narrative begins remains a point of contention. Is it a filmmaker’s responsibility to show things as they are, or is [...]

“Sleepy Eyes of Death 1: The Chinese Jade” – A.J. Hakari

Don’t force me to draw my blade…Once I draw, you’re all dead men.
With these words, the audience is introduced to an antihero eager to warm your heart — right before he thrusts his blade through it. The samurai genre is no stranger to the noble hero; Ogami Itto, Zatoichi, and countless others live a scallywag’s [...]

“One Missed Call” (2003) – Chris Luedtke

Of all the ridiculous things that can become a frightening part of our lives, cell phones have never come off as so to this critic. Stephen King even lowered himself to writing a book called “Cell,” which brings about the end of the world through a call on one’s cell phone. One Missed Call is [...]

“Ju-On” (a.k.a. “Ju-On: The Grudge”) – Chris Luedtke

Ju-On was a film I had much curiosity invested into. The Grudge was one of the first J-horror remakes that I remember coming out in America, next to The Ring. However, shortly after it came out I remember a friend of mine saying that Ju-On was one of the only two films that he had [...]