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“Passport to Pain” Month

Hi there! Well, for May, it looks like we here at Passport Cinema fell by the wayside once again. Real life got in the way of providing you readers out there with the finest in reviews of foreign cinema, and it hit us particularly hard. But we’re determined to get back in the swing of [...]

“Tell No One” – Whitney Mill

A great murder mystery movie has a solid plot with lots of twists that knock the viewer flat on their backs when revealed. Please excuse me as I pick myself up from Tell No One, a French murder mystery with so many twists, it will make your head spin. As a reviewer with little to [...]

“With a Friend Like Harry” – Jason DeMoe

Sometimes we come across some things in life that initially seems like they might turn out to be standard mediocre fare, but once involved and fully immersed in said thing(s), we realize that our expectations have been shattered in the most brilliant of ways, and we become ever so thankful that we decided to stick [...]

“Cutie Honey” – Chris Luedtke

A large part of Cutie Honey is about tolerance. Yes, tolerance for the absurd. If there’s one thing the live-action Japanese superheroine will bash you with, it’s some of the most strange characters to ever grace the great big, bright screen. Honor, redemption, the meaning of friendship, bitchiness, and rice cakes are about to become [...]

“Spetters” – A.J. Hakari

If Paul Verhoeven has a personal motto, it’s, “Subtlety, be damned.” Anyone who’s seen Starship Troopers or RoboCop can attest to the fact that this is one guy who does not handle filmmaking with kid gloves. But Verhoeven’s penchant for the lurid and overdone extends not only to American-bred blockbusters. Evidence of the man’s excessive [...]