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Another Review Delay

Sorry, folks, but it’s looks like there’s going to be another delay from my usual Wednesday updates. I’ve been pretty pressed for time as of yet, and I haven’t been able to get to the reviews that I have planned. Chris Luedtke’s stuff for the week will be posted on Thursday the 12th, but mine [...]

“Kagemusha” – Chris Luedtke

In the three hours I just spent staring intently at my television set, I have difficultly finding a point to begin with all the happenings that Akira Kurosawa presents to us in his piece Kagemusha. As is with the filmography I’ve seen from this man so far, he doesn’t skimp and never fails to impress, [...]

“Le Cercle Rouge” – A.J. Hakari

It’s safe to say that Jean-Pierre Melville has a firm grasp of the criminal mind. He’s a man who knows his way around the underworld, getting inside the psyches of his subjects rather than take them for granted as genre archetypes. This way of handling the film noir with respect and dignity comes through in [...]

“Final Episode” – A.J. Hakari

One director. Five films. Countless beatings, mutilations, and cold-blooded killings. Battle Royale’s Kinji Fukasaku began the Yakuza Papers series with the story of some young thug struggling to survive in postwar Hiroshima. But with Final Episode, the last chapter of this Japanese gangster saga, he takes a solemn look back on a criminal empire slowly [...]

Review Delay

Hey, Passport fans. Just wanted to give you a heads-up and let you all know that this week, my usual Wednesday night updates have been pushed back to the morning of Friday, March 6. I have two (and maybe three) reviews which will go up alongside with what my colleague Chris Luedtke has in store [...]