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Dear readers, I must extend my sincerest apologies to you all. March hasn’t been the greatest month for Passport Cinema. After a year of almost nonstop updates, we’ve fallen behind with providing consistent reviews, which is pretty much all my fault. March has been particularly bad for me, what with numerous personal issues to deal [...]

“Querelle” – Chris Luedtke

There are some things I never expect to fully understand. Sometimes it’s because these things seem so dry and dull that they let off any sort of arousal for the senses. Of course, there are also times where I wish nothing more to have understanding for the exact opposite reasons. The curiosity makes a strange [...]

“Carmen” (1983) – A.J. Hakari

Next to Romeo & Juliet, no tale of romance has been quite as impressionable as Carmen. From a novella by Mérimée and a famous opera by Bizet, this story of passion and betrayal has stood the test of time, not to mention a boatload of adaptations. With so many in existence, another Carmen might not [...]

“Suspiria” – Chris Luedtke

Looking at horror today, I feel as though some of it has lost the genre’s magic. The problem is we’re stuck between a rock and a hard place. Many filmmakers are taking it upon themselves to remake old horror classics (Halloween, Friday the 13th), while the others bold enough to venture out and make original [...]

“Opera” – Chris Luedtke

There is a theater that’s rumored to come with a curse. A curse of disaster and murder, where nails are keeping a girl’s eyes open as her lover is repeatedly stabbed over and over in front of her. There’s a knife being pressed against her thin shirt as she shrieks in terror at the masked [...]