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“Ran” – Betty Jo Tucker

I don’t know much about samurai films, but I know what I like to see in a movie: cinematic artistry, a great story, and memorable performances. Akira Kurosawa’s Ran boasts all three of those key elements. It’s visually exciting, includes outstanding acting by a fine cast, and tells a compelling tale about ambition, betrayal and [...]

“Lady Snowblood” – Daniel Matusov

Gushing blood, spilled guts, dismembered limbs, and a whole ton of brutality. This film has it all…for those who want it.

“The Exterminating Angel” – A.J. Hakari

Maybe it’s the sadist in me, but I get excited whenever I come across a film in which the rich get their comeuppance. It’s a premise most everyone can get behind, seeing members of the upper class trapped in a situation they can’t buy their way out of. This idea has been the backbone for [...]

“Diary” – A.J. Hakari

A film focused on mentally-unbalanced characters is always a huge gamble. Despite masterpieces like Memento and A Beautiful Mind, too many features use this angle as an excuse to do whatever the hell they want, screwing with viewers before arriving at an eye-rolling conclusion. Well, leave it up to that most schizophrenic of filmmaking duos, [...]

“Sansho the Bailiff” – Chris Luedtke

More often than not, when we are fed a film that has great intentions, its characters often do too. In most cases, these intentions require a great deal of power in order to fulfill them. Be they righteous, we usually expect the righteous to prevail by destroying the evil power. Sansho the Bailiff sees this [...]