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“Death Note II: The Last Name” – Chris Luedtke

I tend to moan and groan at sequels when it comes to film. However, there is that occasional film that isn’t necessarily a “sequel” but just another piece of the film cropped into a second DVD. Anyone that’s seen the Kill Bill series knows what I’m talking about. Death Note II: The Last Name is [...]

“Kill!” – A.J. Hakari

A while back, I reviewed Ronin Gai, a drama that set out to demystify the romanticized image of the samurai. It was a good idea, but unfortunately, the dour way in which it went about its business resulted in an overall depressing experience. Kihachi Okamoto’s Kill! sets about accomplishing the same task, only this time [...]

“Whispering Corridors” – A.J. Hakari

I’ll give Whispering Corridors credit for trying. As a founding member of the current Asian horror boom, it had the chance to experiment, to do something different with the formula, before these movies started recycling the same damn story over and over. There’s an uncommon intelligence at play here, a drive to put a little [...]

“The Last House in the Woods” – A.J. Hakari

Is there any genre more derivative than the slasher film? Sure, all types of movies borrow liberally from one another, but none are as simple or as often ripped off as your garden variety slice-and-dice scenario. Most end up looking completely identical, with The Last House in the Woods going so far as to prove [...]

“He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not” – Chris Luedtke

In my personal opinion, it takes a damn lot to be clever in this world. Right now, my expectations of clever have been lowered to such standards as those on second-rate Wal-Mart t-shirts that intentionally call themselves out by basically saying, “Look at me! I’m clever ‘cause I bought this shirt!” Naturally, my answer to [...]