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“Trackman” – A.J. Hakari

I guess I have this picture in my mind of foreign moviegoers being wise enough to avoid the sort of low-grade cinema us Americans gobble up by the truckload. But that mindset took a nose-dive out the window the minute I began watching Ghost House Underground’s Trackman. This Russian slasher flick is actually perfect for [...]

“Night of the Living Dorks” – Jose Cruz

Writer and director Mathias Dinter’s Night of the Living Dorks may be a German flick, but it may have more familiarity with American audiences than its native youth. In an international boom of horror genre parodies since the success of the U.K.’s Shaun of the Dead, this just feels more like a teen sex comedy [...]

“Antibodies” – Jose Cruz

In a movie that could’ve been, one has to examine the genre from whence it came. The genre I am referring to is that of the suspense thriller; the kind of films that walk the line between horror and crime dramas. As serial killers become showcased more on television and movies, the more Hollywood tries [...]

“Emmanuelle 2: The Joys of a Woman” – Chris Luedtke

There comes a point where I just want to give up. Certain films reach such lowly expectations that just manage to exceed standards that I thought never existed. More often than not, these films seem to be sequels or, in this case, leeches that are already sucking off of a dry wound. I’m acquainted with [...]

“A Story of Floating Weeds” / “Floating Weeds” – A.J. Hakari

Rare is the occasion on which a director gets to remake one of his or her own films. Be it to put a different spin on the same premise (Alfred Hitchcock and The Man Who Knew Too Much) or out of Hollywood’s typical moneymaking zeal (George Sluizer and The Vanishing), it’s always interesting to see [...]