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“All Monsters Attack” – A.J. Hakari

If the post-Gojira films of the Godzilla series indicated its move in a more childish direction, All Monsters Attack completes the journey. Also known as Godzilla’s Revenge, this film executes the swift emasculation of a character originally created as a symbol of death and nuclear destruction. That’s not to say the movie is a total [...]

“8 Women” – A.J. Hakari

8 Women isn’t exactly what comes to mind when I think of French cinema. The existential works of Melville and Truffaut are what usually fill my thoughts, not a frothy and carefree affair with relatively simple goals. But don’t take this as a slam on the film’s overall quality. On the contrary, 8 Women is [...]

“Return of the Evil Dead” – Chris Luedtke

Ah, the second installment of the Blind Dead quadrilogy. I must admit, I have myself slightly excited about this series, which I think is good when it comes to sequels. For most films, I don’t like hearing about sequels, but with the horror genre, it’s almost expected, and why not? It’s always fun watching people [...]

“The Ghost Galleon” – Chris Luedtke

We’ve all done things we’re not proud of. Sometimes we don’t want to admit to these things and deny they ever happened. Other times, we admit to it, sheepishly hoping that others won’t judge to harshly. Cinema fires both pistons on a regular basis. There has been the occasional apology film (I’m still waiting for [...]

“Le Doulos” – A.J. Hakari

Some genres tend to get a free pass when it comes to stories. The likes of horror flicks and family movies are usually forgiven when they come up short in the plot department; as long as they’re entertaining, no one really seems to care. The same rules apply to film noir, whose tales are often [...]