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Review Update

Hey there, Passport fans! Sorry for the lack of recent updates. As some of you know, we decided to take off for the week of 10/22 off. As it turns out, some bugs with the site have forced us to extend our leave of absence by another week. But come Wednesday, the reviews will return, and [...]

“War of the Gargantuas” – Dom Coccaro

I’ve been trying to procure this kaiju classic for the better part of a decade. It has been out of print for eons, and up until now, War of the Gargantuas could only be purchased on eBay for at least $20. I wouldn’t settle for a VHS copy or a bootleg DVD. No, this film [...]

“Tombs of the Blind Dead” – Chris Luedtke

Probably one of the best experiences with film is seeing some of the original pieces that helped to lay the groundwork for how a genre is supposed to work. Take George Romero’s Night of the Living Dead, for example. It’s a legendary film in all respects that helped to create a cult following of die-hard [...]

“Le Deuxième Souffle” – A.J. Hakari

For me, there are two primary aspects to consider when judging a film: what does it have to say, and how does it say it. A flick can succeed or even excel in one department, but it’s all for naught if it lets viewers down in the other. Case and point, Jean-Pierre Melville’s Le Deuxième [...]

“Jigoku” – Dom Coccaro

The works of H.G. Lewis and Coffin Joe are cited as the first splatter films. Their influence on the genre is undeniable, but Jigoku is a mean little number that predates both Blood Feast and At Midnight I’ll Take Your Soul. “Jigoku” literally translates to “Hell,” and that’s exactly where director Nobuo Nakagawa takes us [...]