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“Rodan” – A.J. Hakari

When Ishiro Honda made Gojira in 1954, he saw a disaster movie with much deeper overtones than he had originally envisioned. But once Gojira proved to be a hit, I’m betting the next thing he saw was a way to milk the concept of a giant monster destroying major cities for all its worth. Thus, [...]

“Mon Oncle” – A.J. Hakari

In the days leading up to viewing Mon Oncle, I began to call my appreciation of comedies into question. Having been disappointed by two of the summer’s most heralded farces, Tropic Thunder and Pineapple Express, I wondered whether I lost my sense of humor — or if these flicks just happened to be not all [...]

“Seven Samurai” – Chris Luedtke

If you’re into foreign cinema and haven’t seen Seven Samurai then, we have some issues — many of which would involve me shooting you looks of sheer confusion and spouting off noises that have yet to be heard on this planet. That’s like being into science fiction and saying you’ve never seen the original Star [...]

“My Sassy Girl” (2001) – A.J. Hakari

Once in a while, you’ll hear about a Hollywood flop that ended up doing a lot better overseas. As for myself, I’m more interested in another country’s own homegrown hits, flicks that managed to succeed rather well despite some tough competition from Tinseltown. Take, for example, 2001’s My Sassy Girl. On the surface, it’s a [...]

“Good Morning” – Chris Luedtke

Like my final impressions of Good Morning, I am unsure as to how I should begin this review. I don’t have any preface prepared like I usually do, relating to the content within. Don’t take that as a bad thing right off the bat, but do take it with a grain of salt.