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“Spirits of the Dead” – Chris Luedtke

On the Internet Movie DataBase, you’ll find the words “the ultimate orgy of evil” written as the tagline for Spirits of the Dead. I dunno if I could ever call any Poe story truly evil. His stories are often horrific or contain horror elements within them, but none of them have ever exercised evil to, [...]

“Playtime” – A.J. Hakari

I can only imagine what it was like to see Playtime upon its original release. Having delighted the world with M. Hulot’s Holiday and Mon Oncle, it must have been a hell of a switch for fans of Jacques Tati to tone down his light-hearted hijinks in favor of a fairly strong dose of social [...]

“Death Note” – A.J. Hakari

“With great power comes great responsibility.” You’ve probably heard this phrase bandied about a couple of times, what with it being the cornerstone to about 90% of all comic books ever made. But instead of powers of flight or super-strength, what if the ability to instantly take a life was on the line? This is [...]

“La Notte” – Chris Luedtke

Warning: before popping La Notte into your DVD player, make sure to open your mind and, more importantly, your eyes. La Notte is seemingly complex on the outside if one goes through it casually; however, there is a deeper symbolism to everything that, if read correctly, will answer all questions as to why it all [...]

“Death Note” – Chris Luedtke

I’m gonna be frank about 2006’s Death Note right now: it could not have been done better in a live-action sense. Yes, that’s right. I’ve seen so many crappy adaptations of books into movies and manga into anime that it makes me sick just thinking about some of them. But not this one. For once, [...]