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“M. Hulot’s Holiday” – A.J. Hakari

When one mentions France and comedy under the same breath, it usually means that the Jerry Lewis stereotype is right around the corner. Having not seen terribly many French farces, I can’t comment on their overall sense of humor (only that they tend to be remade into horrible American movies — Fathers’ Day, anyone?). But [...]

“Ma Mère” – Chris Luedtke

Evidently, according to my calendar, it is my turn to take a sip of coffee and step up yet once again and tell you about another week of the foreign cinema in my life. I want to go on the record right now and state that cinema from pretty much any country is far superior [...]

Review Delay

Hey, all. I’m currently in the midst of performing in a play that’s eating up quite a bit of my time. Thus, I’m sorry to say that I do not have a review ready for my usual Wednesday update. I do, however, have a guest review of Come Drink with Me by my good friend [...]

“Come Drink with Me” – Connor Neste

Come Drink with Me is probably the greatest two films I have ever seen at the exact same time. Each movie has its own plot and primary hero/heroine, as well as primary villains, while at the same time weaving the two films together at varying points to make one awesome superfilm.

“The Sword of Doom” – Chris Luedtke

If you’ve seen The Dark Knight, then you’re familiar with the show-stoppingly dark performance that Heath Ledger put on. The Joker was a stark, unforgiving villain with creepy quirks and an absolute love for mayhem and chaos. Back in 1966, Tatsuya Nakadai played a character called Ryunosuke Tsukue in The Sword of Doom. What’s the [...]