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“Frankenstein Conquers the World” – Dom Coccaro

There comes a time in every man’s life when he must face reality. The grim reality is, I have seen every kaiju film that there is to see. Sure, there are a few that haven’t even been released on video, much less DVD. But I’m referring to the default creature features that any self-respecting B-freak [...]

“Demons” – Chris Luedtke

One night circa 1985 in West Berlin, a horde of carnivorous demons is unleashed upon a small group of people in a movie theater. Together, a small group of survivors band together in order to make it out of the theater alive. Along the way, you’ll encounter some guts, gore, annoying keyboard music, and an [...]

“Voice” – A.J. Hakari

It’s easy to cast a doubtful eye upon the future of Asian horror. I should know, I’ve been on the front lines myself, lamenting the lack of Ab-Normal Beautys and Bloody Reunions and wondering who in their right mind is greenlighting all these Apartment 1303s. But once in a great while comes a product of [...]

“Samaritan Girl” – A.J. Hakari

Revenge. A lot of movies these days tend to be in favor of it, or they at least stylize it to the point that it looks really cool. Sure, the likes of Death Sentence and The Brave One show the dark side of taking matters into your own hands. But at the end of the [...]

“Intimate Strangers” – A.J. Hakari

What is it about psychiatrists that inspires us to be more open with them than with our own loved ones? Is it the objectivity they bring to the table, the ability to dole out more clear advice having not known their patients previously? Or is it how we become comfortable sharing personal information knowing that, [...]