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“Fall Guy” – Jason DeMoe

Ah, Asian cinema. I have very little experience with the subject, but it seems I’m learning more on a daily basis. From what I have witnessed, most movies seem awkward and even hopelessly corny at times. Maybe that’s all a part of the charm? Also, each film I have viewed contains a slough of random [...]

“Ghost in the Shell” – Chris Luedtke

Ghost in the Shell bleeds the nostalgia of complex science fiction experiences such as The Matrix. Chances are if it’s your first time watching it, you won’t exactly be in tune with everything the film has to offer. In the near future, Earth is dominated by technology (surprise). Computers rule everything that get us anywhere, [...]

“Bloody Ties” – A.J. Hakari

The concept of good versus evil is a timeless one that’s generated some of the greatest of stories over the years. Call me crazy, but I tend to prefer tales of those whose morals are on the ambiguous side, whose alliances are shifty and not so easily defined. Their uneasy personalities make for more intriguing [...]

“Them” (Ils) – Andrew Guarini

There’s always that creepy moment when you’re falling into bed and subsequently into sleep that a creak in the house or the noise outside distracts you, awakens you, even frightens you if only for a moment. Unfortunately for the characters in 2006’s Ils (a.k.a. Them), these noises and occurrences can’t be ignored especially when cars [...]

“Talk to Her” – Betty Jo Tucker

Almost operatic in its execution, Talk to Her packs quite a wallop. By depicting how two men deal with the women they love, who are both in a coma, Spanish filmmaker Pedro Almodovar delivers a movie overflowing with emotional riches. Stunning performances by a superb cast add to the film’s overall impact. But Javier Camara, [...]