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Another Update Delay!

Many apologies, faithful readers, but my scholarly duties have prevented me from updating the site on schedule yet again. Luckily, school is wrapping up for me pretty soon, so I’ll have much more time to dedicate to the site in the coming weeks. Until then, I shall post Andrew’s latest review alongside my own pair [...]

“Le Samouraï” – Chris Luedtke

I had a difficult time believing what the Criterion Collection had to say about Le Samouraï. Statements like “razor sharp” and “defines cool” immediately drew out a jaded view in me. John Woo calling Le Samouraï the closest to cinematic perfection as possible didn’t exactly help me dispel this. Paging through the booklet, I figured [...]

“Dead Tired” – A.J. Hakari

There was a sad, sad time in my life as a budding cinema hound when I looked to “Entertainment Tonight” as an honest-to-goodness source of hard movie news. Then my eyes were opened to a wonderful invention called the Internet, and I quickly came to see the show as the shameless gossip juggernaut it’s become [...]

“Charm School” – A.J. Hakari

For those who consider foreign cinema to be a Holy Grail that produces things unlike the world has seen, I offer up Charm School as Exhibit A to the contrary. This Mexican import is as safe and predictable as they come, even fit for family viewing if it wasn’t for a somewhat tawdry edge that [...]

“Ali: Fear Eats the Soul” – Andrew Guarini

Lars von Trier once said in Trier on von Trier that he felt hurt when people thought things where merely coincidental within his films. He claimed that, “Every image has a thought”. What he really refers to here is the mise-en-scene, or a visual representation of unspoken aspects of the narrative. Certain films have forgotten [...]