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“Satan’s Brew” – Chris Luedtke

Rainer Werner Fassbinder’s Satan’s Brew is the story of a poet named Walter Kranz (Kurt Raab) who is short on cash and believes himself to be the reincarnation of Stefan George, a nineteenth century homosexual poet. Throughout the next two hours Kranz pulls all strings that will score him some cash or at least [...]

“The Ring Virus” – A.J. Hakari

With all of the Ringu ripoffs emerging not only from Japan but other Asian countries after the modern-day horror legend hit paydirt in 1998, you might wonder why some filmmakers didn’t just flat-out remake the movie sooner. Well, the year after, writer/director Kim Dong-bin did just that, and the result was The Ring Virus. [...]

“The Orphanage” – A.J. Hakari

Want to know the quickest way to add an extra layer of creepiness to Peter Pan? Turn Neverland into the afterlife, make the Lost Boys a band of spectral kiddies, and you’ve got yourself the Guillermo Del Toro-presented chiller The Orphanage. But don’t expect this picture to be filled with pirate battles and lovable [...]

“The City of Violence” – A.J. Hakari

I don’t know about you, but when I hear the title The City of Violence, a number of images are conjured in my mind. I imagine a metropolis where gunfights are the norm, where you can’t walk two feet without running into someone that wants to beat you down, and where there are enough [...]

“Cinderella” (2006) – A.J. Hakari

Reality shows like “The Swan” and “I Want a Famous Face,” which center heavily around cosmetic surgery, are frightening enough on their own, without the world of cinema on hand to help. But the Korean chiller Cinderella is here to give the idea of changing one’s appearance out of sheer vanity a supernatural spin [...]